There is an old Chinese Legend that says a Chinese birth chart was buried in a tomb near Beijing for almost 700 years. The original is now at the Beijing Institute of Science. This is known as the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

If you are already pregnant, find out if the Chinese birth chart predicts that you're having a girl or a boy. Supposedly, the chart is 93% accurate. If you're considering getting pregnant and are really hoping for one gender or the other, use this chart as a guide to the best month for you to get pregnant.

By cross-referencing the month a child was conceived with the age of the mother at conception, it is purported that you can determine the birth of your unborn child. For instance, a 30-year-old woman who conceived in January would give birth to a boy, according to this calendar. Important to remember, the Chinese Lunar Calendar is based on the month the baby is conceived and not when the baby was or will be born. The calendar is also designed to work only for women with calendar ages between 16 and 45.