Peek-A-Boo is a great game to play with your baby or toddler to get them engaged and interacting with you. As your child gets older, they will learn to play and will want show you how they can play the game.

Play "Peek-A-Boo":

Sit at your baby's level and get her attention. Then cover your face (eyes) and say, "Where's Mommy (or Daddy or Grandma,etc)? And then remove your hands and look at your baby and say, Here I am!

After a few times, you can use a cloth, or toy to cover your face and play Peek-A-Boo. Or you can hide behind a chair and pop up and say Here I am.

Babies and Young Children love playing Peek-A-Boo. As they grow, they will begin to initiate the game and will say Peek-A-Boo to you!