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My Grandson Is Allergic to Dogs, Peanuts & Pinenuts

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I just found out that my 9 month old grandson is allergic to dogs. Not a good thing since he lives with a dog and the sitter he goes to each weekday has two dogs. In fact, the room the kids spend most of their time in usually has the dogs in there with them ... at least as far as I know. Poor little guy ... he has been having wheezing attacks and been to the doctor numerous times, but they just took him to a pediatric allergist.

I had noticed when I ws visiting that the baby seemed to get worse, only certain days though, if he had been in the family room that had wall to wall carpeting. Since they live on water we thought, perhaps, there could be mold below the house. But now we know it was probably the dog hair and dander causing his attacks. I'm pretty sure the carpeting will go now, as my son has put down wood flooring throughout most of the house already anyways.

What they are going to do about the sitter? I don't know yet.