We all know the scenario ... encourage baby to finish those last few drops in his bottle or eat all his food on his plate. But recent research shows that this is only contributing to a possible struggle with weight at a future date.

A new study from Harvard Medical School shows that babies who gained weight quickly had a much higher risk of obesity in future years. The study pointed out that the biggest babies at 6 months had a 40 percent chance of obesity at 6 years. Both birth weight and length were taken into consideration during the study. Not all big babies will have weight issues but it is important to start good eating habits from the very beginning.

Let Baby take the lead. If a baby or toddler is pushing food or drink away, don't try to prolong the feeding. You will be instituting a habit that will be good for the health of your child now and in the future. Many a pediatrician has made the point that a child will automatically want to eat particular foods that his body is needing.

With the number of young children that seem to have weight issues currently, it is important that we be aware of any potential issues and strive to feed our children plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as soon as they are old enough. Also, making exercise fun, even at the crawling stage will benefit your baby and encourage fun activities.