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Health & Fitness for Baby and Mom. Pregnancy and Babies first year to third year.

Doctors Recommend Waiting Until Children Turn Two using Front Facing Carseats

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Cocooning May Protect Newborns From Whooping Cough

Children’s Researchers Investigate the Genetics of Congenital Heart Disease

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No Two Babies Are Alike

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All new parents are concerned about whether they are doing all the right things for their new baby, whether it is the first baby or not. But try to remember that no two babies are alike. Some parents have babies that rarely cry about anything or only to be fed. Other babies seem to cry all the time.

Do not compare babies and do not compare yourself to your friends. Remember that you are dealing with an entirely different little human being than they are. Plus, you might have one baby that was good as gold and your next may be the crier from H ...

Tips to Preventing SIDS

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Infant Jaundice Is Quite Normal in Newborns

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Check Toxic Chemicals Before Buying Baby Products and Toys

When Babies Start Teething

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What Every Prospective Parent Should Know About Shaken Baby Syndrome

Growth Chart for Girls- Birth to 36 Months- Growth and Length for Age Percentiles

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