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Keeping Babies Allergy and Asthma Free

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Recently, I've read several articles noting the relationship between germs and babies and that relationship to allergy and asthma. Apparently, babies who were introduced to germs common to going to a farm were much less likely to get asthma or have serious allergies.

Books Online for the Curious Baby

Even if your baby is only at the one year mark, it's not too soon to take advantage of books online. These are special books where baby can watch the images flip past and listen to you read or hear the audio books already recorded.

It's really hard to believe how early little ones want to be entertained in this way, even wanting to click the page themselves.

One of our very favorite book sites, with stories for little ones is

Baby Name Picks for 2011

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Every year we make some baby name predictions and our choices this year follow with the trend of choosing unique and unusual names. Celebs are at the forefront of choosing names that haven't been around for decades.

What are our fave baby names for 2011?



Our choices for 2010 were

Link to childhood Asthma and Water-based House Paints

Since I have a grandchild with asthma, I am always on the lookout for articles dealing with this subject. Today an article just came out about the results of an ongoing 11 year study to find out why there has been such a notable increase in childhood asthma and allergies. It has been a rather dramatic jump.

Blessed with Ten Grandchildren

I can't begin to tell you how blessed I feel. Having had five children of my own and two step-children, life has been a wonderful adventure. My children still amaze me, even though they now have babies of their own.

Although I secretly would love to be able to spoil one special grandchild, I am so thrilled to have ten young grandkids. They age from one year old to ten years old ... three eight year olds! I spend as much time as I possibly can with them, even though I still live 5 hours away. But the plan is to move close to all my kids and grandkids as soon as is humanly possible.

My how things have changed in babyland

Just last week my husband and I drove down to Virginia to keep two of our ten grandchildren. One is just a year old and the other two and a half. Although they are super good, it is exhausting when you don't care for little ones on a regular basis.

My Grandson Is Allergic to Dogs, Peanuts & Pinenuts

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I just found out that my 9 month old grandson is allergic to dogs. Not a good thing since he lives with a dog and the sitter he goes to each weekday has two dogs. In fact, the room the kids spend most of their time in usually has the dogs in there with them ... at least as far as I know. Poor little guy ... he has been having wheezing attacks and been to the doctor numerous times, but they just took him to a pediatric allergist.

So you think you have the most Curious Baby

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Babies are naturally curious. It's how they learn. They touch things, they taste things and they play with everything in sight.

Some babies seem to be more curious than others, taking a long time examining each and everything they can get their little hands on. I would have to say my third child was my most curious baby. Even though he was a very content baby, he was just into everything. To this day, he is the most adventurous of my children.

Keep your babies safe and watch what they get hold of, but by all means, let them explore the world around them.

Amazing Sibling Brothers and Sisters

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I was just remembering back to when my first daughter was born. My oldest son, then 8 years old, swore that he was leaving home if we had a little girl. With two brothers already, he just couldn't fathom having a little girl in the family.

But when I came home from the hospital with a sweet little girl bundle, I found the most loving little note and drawing he had made attached to outside of her bedroom door.

My Favorite Baby Names for 2010

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I love baby names! Although when you are having a baby it sometimes seems like a difficult task to choose just the right name. My preference has always been for unusual names, not weird, but great names. Now, it seems, the world is catching up to that notion, even with the masses.

So, what would I name a new baby boy, if I was having one sometime soon? I love the names COOPER ... JACKSON ... DALLAS. They seem like such classic names and as an adult your child would have a very unique name.

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